All I Wanna Do (Morocco)

“All I Wanna Do” follows the dreams of 48-year-old Simohamed who works as a parking guard in Morocco and his 17-year-old son Ayoub, who acts in Hollywood films. When Ayoub’s dreams of going to Hollywood are dashed he turns to music and forms a hip hop group with his father. Like fish out of water, the duo set out to meet their heroes, enter studios and radio stations for the first time in an adventure through the music industry of Casablanca.

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)

At the time of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the Mufti of Rwanda, the most respected Muslim leader in the country, issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims from participating in the killing of the Tutsi. As the country became a slaughterhouse, mosques became places of refuge where Muslims and Christians, Hutus and Tutsis came together to protect each other. Kinyarwanda is based on true accounts from survivors who took refuge at the Grand Mosque of Kigali and the madrassa of Nyanza. It recounts how the Imams opened the doors of the mosques to give refuge to the Tutsi and those Hutu who refused to participate in the killing. This award winning movie interweaves six different tales that together form one grand narrative that provides the most complex and real depiction yet presented of human resilience and life during the genocide. With an amalgamation of characters, we pay homage to many, using the voices of a few.

Death for Sale (Morocco) Irish Premiere 

In Death For Sale, the three best friends that anyone could ever have falter under the weight of their petty crime lives and the economic reality facing twenty-somethings in Morocco. They’re lost youth, scumming their way on the streets and in the nightclubs without any kind of direction. Writer/director Fauozi Bensaïdi‘s story picks up just as the group is beginning to diverge. Malik (Fehd Benchemsi) has fallen hard for a prostitute called Dounia (Imane Elmechrafi) despite her status as forbidden fruit. The naive Soufiane (Fouad Labied) hatches a plan to steal a rich girl’s purse that has profound, unintended consequences. The hardened Allal (Mouhcine Malzi) is determined to become a big fish in the suddenly empty drug-dealing pond. Everything should work out fine, right?

Saturday 26th May

Glitterboys and Ganglands (South Africa)

Deep in the heart of the Cape’s most violent ganglands, sequins are being sewn, hair arranged, tiaras polished, stilettos worn in, lashes glued and shimmies perfected: all for a night of glitz, glamour and the honour of being Miss Gay Western Cape. With this documentary award-winning author Beukes turns a filmic eye on three of the contenders during the preliminary rounds.

Forbidden (Egypt)

The film is a testimony of the situation before the January 25th revolution. It explores the very meaning of the word “forbidden,” which punctuates many forms of Egyptian daily life even as it remains incomplete and contested. In the end, the revolution comes on the last day of editing this film to provide answers to many of the questions that the film raises.

Tamantashar Yom/18 Days (Egypt) 

Tamantashar Yom is not just a movie. It’ s a project of ten directors, based on the January 25 revolution in Egypt. The movie shows ten stories they have experienced, heard or imagined. The parallel stories of fears and hopes melt together with some drops of humour. The ten movies were shot under emergency conditions voluntarily but you wouldn’t know it – the quality is substantial and the World Premiere took place at the Festival de Cannes 2011. All together, ten directors, ten points of views, one historical event make a peach of a film.

Viva Riva (Democratic Republic of Congo) 

Riva is a small time operator who has just returned to his hometown of Kinshasa, Congo after a decade away with a major score: a fortune in hijacked gasoline. Wads of cash in hand and out for a good time, Riva is soon entranced by beautiful night club denizen Nora, the kept woman of a local gangster. Into the mix comes an Angolan crime lord relentlessly seeking the return of his stolen shipment of gasoline. Viva Riva is the first film made in Congo’s native Ngala Language in 20 years. In 2011 the crime thriller won the first ever MTV Best African Movie award and was the big winner at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, taking six trophies including best film.

Sunday 27th May

This is my Africa (Nigeria)

This Is My Africa is an award-winning documentary film. Directed and produced by Zina Saro-Wiwa, this quirky and unique film is a journey into an Africa that many may not know about. Created to reveal a more personal vision of the continent  by weaving together the personal memories, tastes and experiences of 21 Africans and Africaphiles, This Is My Africa has been described as a 50-minute crash course in African culture.

Town of Runners (Ethiopia / UK) 

In Bekoji, Ethiopia, running is a way of life. Over the past two decades this small, rural town has been the unlikely home to numerous Olympic champion long-distance runners, whose athletic success has paved the way for young Ethiopians searching for a better life. Among the current group training under renowned coach Sentayehu Eshetu (whose protégé Derartu Tulu was the first African woman to win Olympic gold) are Alemi and Hawii, two teenage girls looking to set themselves apart from their teammates in Bekoji and move on to compete at the national level. Capturing the seasonal rhythms of this farming region and the gradual impact of urbanization with a keen artistic eye, TFF award winner Jerry Rothwell (Donor Unknown) follows these two young track hopefuls as they face the challenge of growing up and striving for greatness in a developing nation. The result is a lyrical portrait of Ethiopia seen through the hopes and ambitions of a generation determined to make a brighter future for themselves and their country.

Anchor Baby (Nigeria) 

An illegal immigrant couple from Nigeria, pregnant Joyce (Omoni Oboli) and Paul Unanga (Sam Sarpong) are on the run from the United States immigration, desperately hoping that Joyce will give birth in the US, so their child can become an American citizen. Anchor Baby is an emotionally charged tale that will leave you guessing all through the end.