An exhibition featuring works by Rwandan artist Jean Ryan Hakizimana and South African Artist Erik O’Eir will complement our Film Festival this year.

curved potsJean Ryan Hakizimana
There is beauty inherent in our very existence. It is many a time not recognized. Sunsets, Sunrises, Landscapes are my excuse to turn blank canvases alive with vibrant scenes; my palette and brushes are my tools to express the colors, energy and absolute splendor of what exists.”

In his paintings, Jean Ryan Hakizimana draws out feelings and emotions through his use of colour. Inspired by colours and shapes, his paintings exude vibrancy and joy in the beauty around us. His works have featured as covers of many books and apart from running his own gallery in Limerick, he teaches art and travels the world.

Erik O’Eir

This ancient Art is intricate whilst also being abstract, culturally rich whilst also being ancient and is also written and sculpted in stone.”

 Erik O’Eir’s inspiration stems from two of the elements of Ireland’s cultural heritage: a fascination with the animations Irish Stone-Age ancestors chiselled into their little-understood, Megalithic structures, about 6,000 years ago; and his hobby of growing trees as ornaments and planting them in clearings.
To create this art he uses a compound of his own creation which behaves like hard rock but can be moulded and carved to suit the work being done. His current series of works, called “Dendro-liths” are moulded to a similar shape as a painter’s canvas, resulting in sculptures that can be either left free standing or hung on a wall.

The exhibition takes place in the NUI Art Gallery, The Quadrangle, NUI Galway from May 26th to June 2nd.
Opening times are as follows:
Friday 27th:                 4-9pm,
Sat 28th:                      3-8pm,
Sun 29th:                     3-7pm,
Mon 30th-Wed 1st:   12-5pm,
Thursday 2nd:              2-6pm.

Please note that this venue is not wheelchair accessible – sorry.

For further information contact Joanna at 086 3257409.