A Sting in a Tale

Director: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

A twisted tale of two unemployed graduates who embark on a journey to make it in a world where you need more than what you have to get what you want. Kuuku is overwhelmed with the urgency to succeed and frantically searches for a reward to his several years of school. Frustrated and constantly reminded of his failure by the presence of his girlfriend (Frema); Kuuku will do anything to make the odds work in his favor. Nii Aryee, (Kuuku’s abstemious looking friend) is more positive about the future until the rejection letters begin to mound and his landlord comes to town. Driven by the fear of poverty these two friends go in search of a destiny that take them to the most obscure places. In a tale where the unexpected is always lurking in the shadows, from the natural to the supernatural in a rather bizarre ending. NOTHING PREPARES YOU FOR THE STING.



Director Tunde Kelani
Arugba, a story of a king of an imaginary town who brays against corruption while rigorously prosecuting economic reform and handily welcoming foreign investors: there’s no mistaking the parody of former President Obasanjo. The leadership portrait emerges as the key sub plot in a ornate romance featuring the Arugba – the virgin who carries the sacrificial calabash during the Osun Osogbo festival – and a young dancer intent on winning her. Set against the backdrop of a corrupt society seeking cleansing, rebirth and nationhood, with all the attendant intrigues, the Arugba must perform her annual traditional role of carrying the sacrifice in a procession to the river.


For the Best and For the Onion

Director Sani Elhadj Magori
Winner of the best documentary at the African Movie Academy Awards 2009, the documentary is about the the Galmi purple, the onion from Niger that pervades West African markets with 400,000 tons a year. In Galmi, Salamatou’s been waiting for her wedding for 2 years. Her father Yaro, urged both by her future in-laws and the village gossip makes a decision : «The wedding will take place at the harvest !» Yaro is aware that to be up to his commitment this time, he has to produce more and sell at a higher price …


The Legend of the Sky Kingdom

Director Roger Hawkins
Three children make a daring escape from an underground city in which they are slaves to the Evil Emperor. They go in search of the fabled Sky kingdom and the great Prince Ariel. An epic journey follows their escape, fraught with dangers. In a dramatic rollercoaster ride, from forest to plain, through chasms and canyons, their exciting journey unfolds and as it does- so do their characters. Using an animation style called “junkmation”, the film makers built all the sets and puppets from pieces if junk, inspired by Africa’s folk artists who turn others people rubbish into works of art.


Bhovas and Sam

Director Thezi Ndhlazi
This serial follows the misadventures of Bhovas and Sam, two hugely talented and much loved township musicians/rap artists (humble pooches) caught between a rock and a hard place.


Araromire the Figurine

Director Kunle Afolayan 
The Figurine (Araromire) is a multi-cultural and contemporary feature highlighting essence and efficacy of tradition, friendship, betrayal and love.
It transcends both the ancient and the modern day.
Two buddies and a girl…all down on their luck have their lives changed after one of them discovers “ARAROMIRE”, a mysterious figurine in an abandoned shrine which according to ancient legend bestows seven years of good luck.
But, no one told them about the next seven years…



Director Lyes Salem
In a small village somewhere in Algeria, Mounir a small-time gardener is frustrated and ashamed of his status as the laughingstock in his community. When he finds out that people were mocking his narcoleptic sister, Rym, once again, he storms out in a drunken rage and exclaims that Rym is in fact engaged to be married to a European business mogul. He soon becomes the centre of desire and jealousy. With the lie out in the open, the family is forced to continue this farce to retain their newfound attention and praise. Without realizing it, Mounir will change the destiny of his family and of his community.


Captain Majid

Director Abakar Chene Massa
Set in the central African country of Chad, Majid as a captain of a local club dreams of one day playing in the Nou Camp, home of Barcelona Football Club. The young captain is only a few days away from the town’s championship game when Faiza, the team president’s daughter, catches his eye and that of the coach too. In the wake of his glory on the pitch and his wish to take Faiza’ hand in marriage, Majid makes a decision of grave impact.